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Individual design with perfect fit

alqamees's objective is to offer you a superior quality custom tailored qamees that is perfect in style, fit and convenient to buy. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can design your very own unique custom tailored qamees with nothing to lose! When you buy a custom online qamees, it will be hand tailored to your measurements and your design. Check out the extensive service offered by alqamees team and the quality of our products. Click Here to discover the special world of custom-tailored clothing.

Custom tailored qamees

The problem with off-the-rack thobe , apart from the inflated prices and dull design, is that they won't fit you. They're made to fit everyone's build, but we know that everyone has a unique body type and there is no way that an off-the-rack thobe will fit you perfectly. You're you, and you need a custom qamees, tailored to your contours, and a style that suits your body.

Delivery time

The estimated delivery time for a hand crafted, custom made qamees garment is between 2 to 4 weeks for Regular Shipping and 7 - 12 Business days for Express Shipping. In rare cases the delivery might be subject to influences beyond our control, such as fabric availability or natural disasters. In those cases delivery might take slightly longer. To learn more click here